Centre Pass Defence

category: Defence

Netball Centre Pass Defence Defence Have the feeder start on the centre circle. Set up two boxes starting in the middle of the court and ending at on...

Dictating A Centre Pass

category: Defence

Netball Dictating a Centre Pass Defence Set up 3 cones along a transverse line, one in the middle, one at the edge of court and one in between these....

Centre Pass Set Play - Wing Defence

category: Centre-Pass-Set-Plays

Netball Centre Pass Set Play - Wing Defence Centre Pass Set Plays C back to WD – Straight pass to GA – GS comes out of circle to receive pass in ...


Defending the centre pass

Defending set-piece session designed to help your players put pressure on the opposition from the word "Go!"

2 on 1 Defence of a Centre Pass

It?s a common cliche, but you?re most vulnerable after you have just scored. Make sure your defence from the centre pass is strong with your players w...


Community Drills

Getting out for centre passes

With my two players I made sure that they could get out for centre passes therefore I worked on sprinting out and getting out quickly on a centre pass...