'Bump' Quick Passing Game

category: Passing

Players have to make their allocated amount of passes. Once they have done that they shout 'bump' and swap places with the pair next to them with the ...

Partner Co-Ordination

category: Ball-skills

2. Sidestepping the third, players alternate each ball using one handed passes. 3. Variation: One partner is 'bumping' the ball off to the working par...

Fingertips Control 1

category: Ball-skills

Players have 1 ball each. They start in a space away from one another on the netball court.

  1. Player holds the ball out in front of her...

Super Star

category: Passing

Netball Super Star Passing Split players into pairs with 1 ball between them and set up as diagram (half a third each if ... 'Bump' quick passing game...

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Community Drills

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3 Players at a time, must tag the cones in B, G, R order. No 2 players may tag the same coloured cone.All players must fast jog at all times, but not ...

Practise clearing Movement

Players take turns making diagonal drives, clearing and re-offering.Progression: Players make their first drive as the person before them is clearing....

Bump 2

-In pairs, one ball per pair. Players line facing their partner. Each pair is given a number of passes they have to complete- these are in denominatio...