Looking for drills to develop 'aggression' in players?

Looking for drills to develop 'aggression' in players?

Looking for drills to develop 'aggression' in players when there is a loose ball - ie. to 'want/own' that ball.

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I pair the girls up and roll the ball in any direction. There are no rules and the girls have to do whatever it takes to get the ball first. Obviously without intentionally causing any injuries to each other.

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2 lines opposite each other, place ball in middle,on whistle each girl comes out to gain procession.use points systerm,this will make them work towards something. 2 lines side by side%3A both drive forward for ball thrown infront of both players,each have to go for ball,remind them to use outside arm to get ball. Same as above%3A but this time,players cannot move until ball has bounced once before they can move.This is good practice with footwork and timing. *Pairs%3A quick reaction drill%3A 1 throws ball up at various heights,worker places hands on head,times to grab ball,bending knees always watching ball at all times. (swap over 3 reps of this each). *Pairs%3A Another quick reaction drill, passer will drop ball from various heights and worker has to grab ball before it touches ground.Tip%3A Quick hands,bend knees.

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DEVELOPING AGRESSION %3A I have just bought a square padded bag (like a kick boxing bag). I hold the bag while a girl passes the ball towards the bag. I have the girls on the side leading towards to bag to intercept and make contact the the bag. I plan next week to use the bag for "rebound training" where I plan the throw the ball up near the ring of the goal and the girls are to jump up and tip the ball out. I shall use the bag for some contact on the girls. I also get my girls to play "toug of war" where both girls have their hands on the ball holding it, then they must scream at each other while touging it. I rotate the girls around as I have about 4 groups.

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pair girls up one ball each both start with hands on the ball, on the whistle first to wrestle the ball out of the other ones hands wins. have three girls act as posts at three different intervals in one third of court, remaining girls have to sprint to each post getting as close as they can without touching, if they get too close posts can bump them off. add in a full roll, half roll etc as you like. i found this drill helpful preparing my year 7 and 8 girls for more body contact and a rougher game in general.

Netball CoachCoach

Hi all, thank you for your suggested drills. They are greatly appreciated. I will definitely be trying them out at training.

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