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Catching Drills

A form of dismissal is to catch the ball without it touching the floor after it has hit the batsman's bat or glove. A wicket keeper will have glo...


These videos pinpoint the correct technique and proper way to conduct certain cricketing actions. If batting this ranges from how to hold the bat, wh...


Bounce Goal Game

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Teams are competing to bounce the ball (via overarm throw) into the small square.

In order to score a point a team mate must catch the ball ...

Catch And Duck

category: Catching

This drill is designed to test your players reactions and is also a chance for them to work on their catching technique too.

Get into groups ...

Catch And Move Race

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

4 to 8 players per group.

  1. Player 1 rolls the ball out to player 2 who shys at the stumps, meanwhile player 1 has moved behind the st...

Catch The Ball

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Ask the players to spread themselves and have 1 ball for the players to throw or roll the ball to each other.

The player in the middle has...

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Stop Runs Through Better Fielding

Improve your side's fielding technique and confidence with this session to build pressure on batsmen, forcing them to make mistakes and save runs so y...

Ground Fielding Principles

Can your players field under pressure? Teach your players to attack the ball with this positive fielding session, getting them to meet the ball (even ...

Fielding in the Deep

High intensity boundary fielding session - giving players plenty of practice attacking and chasing down the ball (and sliding where necessary)

Flat Catch and the Back Foot Drive

The back foot drive is the ideal shot to exploit space between the mid-on and cover. Use this plan to improve players' balance and quick feet movement...

Community Drills

Activity 1

Talk about what is looked for in a long barrier and in a catch with the groupLooking for:- Knees shoulder level and slightly bent (catching)- Fingers ...


Two teams. Only one ball needed. Both teams stay within there coned area but cannot stand in front of the stumps.Players take it in turns to throw a b...