Fielding in the Deep

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If you're bowlers are getting knocked around a bit and you've been forced to spread the field, you are going to need your deep fielders to be as sharp as ever. Some big catches could be coming their way, or they will need to chase down every ball to reduce the amount of runs the batsmen can take and in this session, we develop our pick-up's and our arm to get the ball back into the keeper as quickly as possible.

It can be lonely out on the boundary, but communication is key when you've got two going for the same ball. Make sure everyone is aware of where they're going and the responsibilities of each position to turn your fielding team into a well oiled machine.

The long barrier

Although, undoubtedly, a big long barrier to lay down and stop the ball would be much more effective, it?s unfortunately against the rules. Therefore creating a barrier with your leg to stop the ball out in the deep is a great way to reduce the risk of boundaries plus, if performed correctly, will give you a great opportunity to get the ball back into the keeper at pace!

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