Multi-Skills Games Session

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As we near the end of the playing season we thought your players might appreciate a more light-hearted session where they can learn through play.

In this session as your players enjoy the conditioned games and challenges they will continue to hone their skills, working on tracking the ball through the air, even when there's a lot of distractions, and throwing and batting with real purpose and intent.

What's in the Session?

To get the ball rolling (excuse the pun) we work on high catching in a pairs running drill, this will get the blood pumping and ensure your players hands are nice and soft. After this warm-up we then start the first of the three games - crossed wires. In this drill players must throw the ball to their partner stood a few meters opposite them, sounds simple, well it's not so easy when there's three other balls flying around.

Have fun at training and improve your players catching concentration and batting accuracy with this session!

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