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Junior Catching and Throwing - Core Skills Session Session Thumbnail
Junior Catching and Throwing - Core Skills Session

Fun skills development session - working on improving your young cricketers catching and throwing consistency!

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2 teams work with 1 ball.

Split the area into 3 zones: The middle zone is a no-go zone (you can choose to put one player in this area).

There is team in each side of the no-go zone.

The aim of the game is to throw the ball over the player in the middle (can be the coach) to try and land the ball in the opposition's zone to score a point.

The opposition tries to catch the ball to prevent the other team from scoring a point.

The first team to land 10 balls wins.

Coaching points

If you have lots of players with limited space you could play 4 aside with a 3rd team being in the middle zone to try and also catch the low balls.

If the team in the middle catches the ball they swap with the team that threw the ball.

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