Cricket Drill Demonstration


Players work in groups of 4-6 players.

Two cones are spaced 10m apart. Player one stands between the two cones.

Stumps are placed 10m away opposite both cones, in line with the cones.

Players 2 and 3 both start behind the two stumps.

Player one moves side-ways, from cone to cone, taking a catch on one cone and returning it, and performing an underarm pick-up on the other cone.

Players take two balls on each side (total of 4) and then swaps over with one of the players behind the stump who in turn joins the rest of the group behind the far cone.

Drill continues in this way...

Coaching points

Place another cone 5m away from the starting cone for the rest of the players in each group to wait safely behind.

If catching mitts are available these are a good piece of equipment to improve the intensity of the drill, or if two regular wicket keepers are available then they can be used for the drill.


Waiting players should be performing dynamic and static stretches.

It's important when acting as feeder in this drill that players test each other with the catch and roll, in order to keep a high intensity which is match realistic.

The side ways movement is key to this drill. Encourage players to be in a low position, knees bent, weight slightly forward. Players should move on balls of feet with small light contacts with the ground.


Players may chose to hit the catch with a bat to make more realistic. Players may have to sprint off the cone towards the set of stumps (thus bringing in a change of direction and pace) . Drill distance may be increased to allow over arm return throws.

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