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Diving catch taken to the player's left, after walking in towards the catching board (note - catching board is optional but recommended if availible).

Players must attack the catch by walking in towards the board.

Once the catch is taken, player must get to their feet qucikly and aim to hit the stump.Group 2 of players are backing up and return the ball to the coach.

After players have performed a diving catch or returned the ball to the coach they run to the back of the other group and the drill continues.

Coaching points

Players must stay low in body postion when walking in.

The best dives will:

  • Allow hips to open towards the ball
  • Keep elbows off ground to prevent ball dropping out of hand.
  • Drive through the legs for extra power


Players can throw the ball over the top of the stump.

Players may take 2/3 quick fire catches.

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