Consistency And Accuracy

category: Rally-Drills

-Players hit forehands aiming for the line.-Players maintain high net clearance to achieve consistency.-Three points are deducted from the final score...

Doubles Movement

category: Doubles-Drills

-Player 2 starts with a second serve to advantage court.-Returner hits a lob return over player 1s head and follows it into the net.-Player 2 chases t...

Rugby Tennis

category: Passing

Tell you players the following...... There will be two players on one side of the middle line of cones, and another group on the other side. They w...

Anticipation And Reactions

category: Movement

Player side steps until the coach drops a ball. The player must catch the ball before the second bounce. Players can also start from a stationary posi...

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Coaching Groups Successfully

Coaching groups doesn’t have to be hard! Ensure your players keep busy with fun drills that will improve skills!

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