Finishing At The Net

category: Movement


To move in the correct patterns at the net, hitting smash and high volley.

Coach feeds in this sequence-


Keep The Approach Shot Low

category: Backhand-Drills

The coach feeds medium ball to the ad side, so that the player hits backhand slice approach shot down the line and runs to the net. The coach feeds...

Learn To Use Backspin

category: Backhand-Drills

The player drops the ball and applies backspin by hitting under the ball. The goal is to hit with enough spin to make the ball bounce and come back...

Make Your Run Count

category: Forehand-Drills

Coach and player rally together using backhand cross-court shots. Coach hits random drop shot down the line. Player runs and hits counter drop shot...

Web Videos

Art of the backspin lob

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Tennis backhand- slice technique

Hitting a backhand with slice should add control, but it will also make the ball fly lower over the net and land deeper in the court. Find out more ab...