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To move in the correct patterns at the net, hitting smash and high volley.


Coach feeds in this sequence-

1) Deep high lob to be smashed

2) Soft high for backhand volley

3) Deep high lob for inside out smash

4) Soft high ball for forehand volley finish


Feed in sets of 8-12

Coaching points

  • Getting body underneath the ball- so that they could catch the ball in their non-playing hand or hand pointing to the ball
  • A "hit volley" would be used for a floating ball. Aggressive steps forward and striking hit volley
    >Racquet head goes fast to contact and then freezes on contact.
  • If the ball was smashed then the player should just push through the racquet using the pace of the ball.
  • Creating a small element of backspin on the ball: High to low action of the racquet head creates underspin or slice.

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