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Player starts on the baseline with the coach just in front of them, ready to feed the ball to them. The feed should be done in a 4 ball pattern: 1 short forehand, 1 short backhand, 1 deep forehand and 1 deep backhand. The player comes forward to the feed and plays the shot before returning to the baseline ready for the next feed.

Coaching points

This exercise is a basic for any Spanish player. That's why Rafa Nadal or Fernando Verdasco are such great movers. Doing this exercise has many benefits: players work on endurance, footwork and strokes at the same time. This is also a great tool to see how strong mentally your players are if they are forced to do this drill for a long time.


Coach can make it easy for weaker players (4 balls) or make it really difficult for more advanced players (20 + balls).

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