Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Player serves to the T from the deuce side.
  • Coach hits a backhand slice return down the line.
  • Player hits their own backhand slice and hits the ball in the cross-court direction.

Coaching points

  • In this drill the player works on their serve and 1 more shot with backspin.
  • Starting the point with a ball to the opponent’s backhand is a strong choice to get an advantage but smart opponents will use a difficult slice ball to neutralise the power of the serve.
  • By hitting the ball with slice, the player doesn’t have to change the spin so they won’t make an easy error and also they force the opponent to work hard to control the next shot to a low bouncing ball.
  • For more advanced players, the coach can set up different zones on the ad side to develop specific tactical patterns after receiving a slice return.

Drill tags: respond to slice with slice

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