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You Don't Need Power To Win! Session Thumbnail
You Don't Need Power To Win!

Power isn?t everything in tennis - get to work on your player?s slice with this backspin session!

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The player stands on the baseline. Cones mark the deep zone. The coach stands close to the net and feeds a drop shot to the backhand side and takes the racquet up. The player sprints forward and hits deep backhand slice lob off drop shot.

Coaching points

Smart tennis players will hit drop shot only if they are inside the court. After the shot, they will follow to the net to cut the possible angles for the opponent and to put more pressure on the running player. This tactic is highly effective so players have to learn how to respond to good drop shots when opponent is at the net.

In this drill, the player works on advanced skill that is hitting lob off drop shot. If we play against really solid opponent, we have to be able to play well to win the match. That is why we need many skills to be sure that we won't be negatively surprised during critical moments of the match. Players have to learn how to hit lobs off drop shots to make sure that rivals have to take more risk on the next attempt to win the point. The coach has to show players that it is possible to hit the lob only if we apply backspin and open the racquet during the hit. It is important to give many tries to each player because this skill is difficult and it is almost impossible to get it at the first time. To make it more competitive, the coach can give points for hitting the zone and make players fight against each other in this simple drill.

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