Anticipation And Tactical Awareness

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Anticipation and tactical awareness Rally Drills The court is marked out with cones into areas (e.g. red, amber and green). Players try to ant...

Anticipation And Reactions

category: Movement

Tennis Anticipation and reactions Movement Player side steps until the coach drops a ball. The player must catch the ball before the second bounce. P...


category: Rally-Drills

All you have to do is cover the whole net with black bin liners so you cannot see the other side of the net. Play the rally out and try to anticipate...

The Volley Train

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

With a wealth of experience and as part of New Zealand's World Cup winning coaching team, Marg is ready to pass on her knowledge to answer your coach...

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The Real World of Volleys

Movement, anticipation and touch are all vital to the success of volleying from any part of the court. Develop each aspect with a variety of volleying...

Return Confidence

Don't shy away from the serve! Get your players returning confidently with this week's session!


Community Drills

The Matching Game: Part 2

Like the Part 1, however there is a (D)efender that is trying to return the shot. Works on readiness, shot selection and anticipation. (F)eeder f...