Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Player stands on the service line.
  • Coach stands on the baseline.
  • Player rallies with coach.
  • Coach hits regular topspin balls into the player's legs.
  • Player executes adeep backhand half-volley to the center of the court.

Coaching points

  • The player works on their ability to control a half-volley into a deep area of the court.
  • During the match, the opponent can put the ball into a net player’s legs to have a better chance to hit a successful passing shot at the next attempt.
  • Tactically it is a smart option to hit the ball deep to the baseline to have time to move closer to the net and also to put the opponent behind the baseline.
  • Coach should pay attention to the physical and technical details of the player’s stroke and if happy with the consistency, put a tactical target on the court to make the player work to achieve a given number of well-placed shots.

Drill tags: backhand half volley rally

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