Line Speed

category: Sevens

Tell the players the following.... Players will advance as a line, and as one hit the pads. The pads can also advance as a line. If the pads do advan...

Change Of Pace (Speed)

category: Agility-Running-Skills

IndividuallyRandom cones of different coloursEach colour represents a different running speed:walk, jog, sprint.

Building Speed Onto The Ball

category: Passing

The speed of the pass should be reasonable and provide the interceptors with a chance of success. Tell the players the following.... The rest of th...

Speed Pass

category: Tag-Rugby

8 in each group.6 in the playing area and 2 outside it.The six in the playing area play a 4 v 2 against each other trying to pass the ball as many tim...

Speed On

category: Sevens

Basically players will pass the ball diagonally across the grid, but the the ball is to be caught, not by the player at the cone, but by the player f...

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