Scrum Half Pass

category: zPassing

Rugby Scrum Half Pass zPassing UPDATE. ... Ruck Defence. Scrum Half - Shotgun Alley Drill Thumbnail View this drill. Scrum Half - Shotgun Alley ...

Scrum Half - Shotgun Alley

category: Sevens

Rugby Scrum Half - Shotgun Alley Sevens Explain to thescrum halfs that they are to attempt to pass the ball at the attackers and attempt to hit them ...

Scrum Half Pole Position

category: Sevens

Rugby Scrum Half Pole Position Sevens Tell the players the following..... Each player has four poles and six balls, the winner is the player that hit...

Scrum Half'S Drill

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Scrum Half's Drill Agility & Running Skills Player, with the ball, should make a fake pass. After the dummy pass their objective should be to c...

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During an attacking scrum somewhere close to the middle of the pitch, our attacking back line should line up left, leaving the right side of the field...

Unit Skills

1. Ruck Clean Out for Ball Retention:*3 Players to hit tackle shield.*Scrumhalf passes to 2nd pod, hit group 2 tackle shields.

defense 22 metre area

1.defenders 2x2 on first phase with right wing covering inside and blindside channels.2. defenders 2x2 on second phase with scrumhalf covering their i...

Set it up / Secure safely

1 man Go to ground and present.2 man clear / secure - depending on opp. is the shield there or not. Decission making.Don't wait. Make it flo...