Rugby Drill Demonstration


Attacking scrum set with space either side. Split backs left and right, scrumhalf determines angle of attack.

  1. Backs ready to react to direction.
  2. Scrumhalf attacks inside shoulder of 1st defender, while first receiver attacks 2nd defender's inside shoulder.
  3. Opposite receiver hits the gap and looks to offload to outside man.

Coaching points

It is vital that you do not telegraph the direction of attack early. Scrum needs to be strong and second row must obstruct opposition scrumhalf.

  • Opposite outside man may be best placed for the pass after line break - defenders will be running away from him in sweeper role.
  • Speed of attack is key, scrumhalf must hit the inside gap and draw the tackle.
  • First receiver must sell the dummy run.
  • First few scrums should look to hit the first receiver in order to setup opposite receiver's run when in the red zone.

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