Dont Get Tagged

category: Tackling

Teams of 3 against 1 Defender.

The team of 3 start running and have to try and get to the other side. If the defender tags them they have t...

Passing Under Pressure

category: Passing

4 players line up next to each other about 5 meters apart. A defender with a shield is standing 10 meters from the 1st man (ball carrier).


Quick Hand And Quick Positioning

category: Passing

4 players work together in a 6x6m grid.

  1. Players attack each line of the square, from the inside.
  2. Once they get to the 4th man...

Quick Positioning, Passing And Support

category: Agility-Running-Skills

4 players start together on their stomachs next to each other.

  1. As the coach calls a colour cone, they move into position quickly.
  2. ...

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Running Lines and Fixing Defenders

Create doubt in the defender's mind by getting your ball carrier to run straight with the ball, and support runners to run good lines to create depth ...

Community Drills

Partner Clothes Line Races

Partners of around the same speed lineup on the red and yellow cones. When the whistle is blown the athletes sprint to either the other red or yellow ...

Back Move 1

10 lines up as normal12 and 13 are quite flat on 1013 slightly ahead of 12 (0.5m)Blind side winger lines up behind 10 / 12Full back and open side wing...

Simple 2 v 1 drill

The objective of this drill is for 2 attackers to beat 1 defender.The setup involves two lines stood outside the grid in line with the middle. One lin...