Ruck - Press Up - Part 2

category: Sevens

Tell the players the following...... The first group of 3 go first. The first player hits in on the bag with their shoulder, driving forward and plac...

Press Up Position

category: Sevens

Tell the players the following...... They should advance in 2's. Hit in on the bag with their shoulder, driving forward and placing their hands on th...

Leave No Man Behind

category: Warm-Up

Players start in the bottom right corner and on the command sprint as a group before doing 5 press ups. They advance as a defensive line, moving as f...

Depth, Fitness, Warming Up

category: Warm-Up

This exercise is all about getting deep lines of support, speed onto the ball, warming up the entire body, and getting fit for rugby - in this one we'...

Touch The Runner

category: Warm-Up

Put a group of 7 inside inside one of your grids. Tell them the following laws: The player not wearing a bib (the runner) is trying stay away from th...

Go To Goal Touch

category: Warm-Up

The following are the laws for this game: Normal laws of rugby apply; a knock on etc. results in a turn over. The attacking team gets 8 touches befor...

Web Videos

Wst rugby league athletes push ups

Warrior Strength Training Youth Program Rugby League players hitting Push Ups as part of their Intro Phase workouts. Building Foundations.


Community Drills

Defensive Drill

Defense Drill – uses 8 to 15 players ( 15-20 minutes)· Move on the ball· Fitness · Identifying Offensive player that is you...

Keep the Line

Build a lineone player/coach in front of the line with ball in handcoach/player shows with ball the movement directionright/left/forward/backward/diag...

Fitness test

7 minute fitness test to give coaches a level of players fitness.Start point touch line on stomachrun out to 5m around cone run backward to start poin...