Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell the players the following......

  1. When the attack advances the defenders PRESS UP on the attack.
  2. The attackers must pass the ball down the line, no inside passes.
  3. The defenders PUSH/DRIFT across pushing the attack towards the sideline.
  4. When the attack reaches the end of the grid, if it reaches the end - the attack turn and sets - as does the defence. The exercise restarts.
  5. This is a full contact exercise.
  • Don't forget to switch defenders into attack.

Coaching points

  • Defender use keywords in communication.
  • They listen to one another, but there is a clear leader.
  • Defender do not rush up and over commit.
  • Defenders realize that if they can apply pressure, they can force mistakes and force the pass.
  • They should not stand off and invite the attack, there needs to be a balance between line speed and the ability to drift.
  • Defenders should use the sideline as an extra defender.

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