Rugby Drill Demonstration


 The Moles want to turn the cones onto their head, and the Green-keepers want the cones the right way up.

Let the kids play, you can start the game by shouting '123 Play Divots!'.

After playing for some time, lets find out who is winning - but don't take too long counting. Now tell the players that they must do one press-up before turning a cone - let the game start again. Play for another minute or two.

Coaching points

It's important that the players are having fun with this, this could be done in the school gym for example with some music to let players know when the action starts and stops.


  • Change the teams around.
  • Make the exercise easier by reducing the distance between the cones.
  • Make the exercise harder by increasing the distance between the cones and the exercises that players need to do before being able to turn a cone.
  • Factor in communication and team-work skills by telling players that they are stuck in the mud when they turn a cone over and can only be released by a teammate who is not stuck.

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