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Ball Presentation Drills

Ball presentation is how the ball-carrier makes the ball available to a teammate after they have been tackled. The ball presentation videos and drills...

Maul Drills

A maul is similar to a ruck but occurs when the ball is held up off the floor (in a player's hand). The maul drills, videos and mini games below will ...


1 Vs 1 Ball Retention

category: Ball-Presentation

The ball carrier walks up to the defender and turns away to present the ball to their own team.

The defender should try to turn the ball car...

1 Vs 1 Get To Feet

category: Contact-Skills

Pass gets given to the attacker who has to run down the grid. When the tackle comes in the player with the ball has to present the ball.


All In Touch

category: Warm-Up

The following are the laws for this game:

  • Equal number of defenders and attackers.
  • Use bibs to identify both teams.

Attack The Catch

category: Catching

3 players, 1 ball, 1 pad.

Player with the ball throws up the ball for the player without the pad to run up to jump and catch while the playe...

Ball Presentation On Tackle

category: Ball-Presentation

When tackled go to ground in a safe controlled manner Ball in two hands Do not put hands or elbows out Hit the ground in the order; knees, hips, shoul...

Decision Making Box

category: Sevens

Tell your players the following......

  1. The ball carrier runs across the grid with the ball.
  2. The opposite player becomes the de...

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Community Drills

Close support Clinic (Part)

Stage 1:Attacker 1 starting with the ball runns up through the the channel and into the defender holding the tackle bag.He should then, whilst maintan...

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Tackling Safely and perfecting tackle technique.Start bt splitting the group up into 3sall players on knees with tackler in middle. tackler to concent...

Uncontested Lineout

Team in possession sets up a 3 man lineout. 2 opposition players lineup also but do not try and win the ball. Team in possession sets an offensive lin...

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Practice DescriptionAll seven players (one tackler and six attackers) inside 5m x 5m grid. All players on knees.Ball carriers to each have a ball to e...