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Set up a square (roughly 2m x 2m) with 4 different colour cones.

1 player starts on the floor with the ball with another player lying on top of him, simulating a tackle. The third player starts outside the square, simulating an attacking support player.

The coach calls out the colour of one of the cones and the player on the floor in posession of the ball has to work to present the ball in the direction of the cone, while the defender is on top of them. Once he has presented the ball towards the cone, the defender has to get up off the player presenting the ball, show a clear release, and then go for the ball. Meanwhile the third player (supporting attacker) has to get themselves in a position so that when the defender goes for the ball they can clear them off the ball, therefore retaining posession for the attacking team.

The players reset the drill and the coach calls out another colour of a cone. Players perform 4 repetitions in each role before swapping positions.


Start with the supporting attacker only bumping the defender off the ball and increase the amount of contact/force the players are going in with

Coaching points

Long/Pencil present - presenting the ball as if they are parallel to the side line instead of perpendicular. They should be on their stomachs with their feet towards the middle of the square, and the ball presented over the head with two hands towards the cone. This narrows the 'gate' which the defenders can enter the ruck from.

Ruck clearing technique - Both players must be supporting their own body weight not using their hands. The supporting attacker needs to get their shoulders under those of the defender in order to perform an effective clear out. The defender wants to be in a strong position to make it difficult for the attacker to clear out

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Drill tags: decision making, defending, movement, ruck

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