Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up:

8 defending players Tackle Suits,  one ball carrier and four support players.

The drill:

  1. Ball carrier enters grid 1 via gate followed by support players.
  2. Defenders tackle ball carrier and the ball carrier presents ball.
  3. All support players work to clear defenders and free up the ball.
  4. Ball is picked by remaining support and carried out of grid 1 into middle grid via gate repeat through middle grid into grid 3.

Coaching points

Ball carrier shoulder target defender and win collision and be able to present ball - ball carrier should protect ball by keeping shoulder over the top of the ball until support arrives - support players should target defenders chest area, approach with shuffle footwork and low body angle and hit target hard and upwards - until defenders are cleared the ball carrier should be left to control the ball - support player picks balls when clear, maintains low body angle and strong grip until out of the grid - repeat in middle grid and grid 3.

Please Note numbers can be flexible but no more than listed with the same ratios. Up to 8 attackers with one ball. One metre grid entrance gate marked with cones.

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