Lateral Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Lateral Pass Passing Look at the ball carrier Get hands up to make a target Call and catch the ball with both hands and bring it in front of th...

Whistle Passing Warm Up Game

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Whistle passing warm up game Warm Up 2 players work together and stand opposite one another facing each other. They pass a ball between them as...

Fun Catching Reaction Game

category: Passing

Rugby Fun Catching Reaction Game Passing This is a simple passing exercise that can be used as a warm up to improve players reaction time and catchin...

Traffic Lights Game

category: Passing

Rugby Traffic Lights Game Passing Brief your players one what you would like the to do by telling them the following.... One of the players will stan...

Keep The Ball Game

category: Passing

Rugby Keep The Ball Game Passing Tell your players the following: One group of two players will be defenders, you might want to give them bibs. The a...

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Rugby passing game

This weeks skills challenge is a classic rugby passing game. Try it before training with your mates.

Community Drills

Passing Leapfrog

Simple static passing games to be conducted as a race between 2 or more groups of equal playersFocus on the form of passes;early catch to avoid reload...