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Tag Rugby Drills

Use the tag rugby drills and games (also referred to as touch rugby) to boost your junior players' passing, off-loading, and decision making ability. ...


The Beginners Rugby Manual

The Beginners Rugby Manual 20 weeks of training sessions laid out from start to finish:- non-contact programme. Download the ebook for just £39.99 b...

Catch Me If You Can

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Catch me if you can Tag Rugby Up to 10 in a group. Each player should have a tag ... Non-Stop Rugby Drill Thumbnail View this drill. Non-Stop R...

Nsw - Warratahs Tackle Technique

category: Contact-Skills

Rugby NSW - Warratahs Tackle Technique Contact Skills Groups 6+ Cones. Balls 1. Warm up - Non Contact. Players start on the corner of a square grid.

3 Second 3 Player Touch

category: Sevens

This is a non contact game. When the ball carrier is touch, they must stop and set the ball down. Two attacking player must touch the ball carrier wi...



Community Drills

Ball Grab

Players grab balls from centre square and take them back to their base cone. players can steal balls from other teams base cone but cannot block other...