Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • The exercise starts with the first attacking unit running around the bottom of the grid, as they do the first defending unit run around the top of the grid.
  • The first defender run up to defend in line with the first cone, the second defender in line with the middle cone, and the last defender is at the end of the grid.
  • Therefore the attack will aim to beat the 3 defenders, in three 3 v 1 situations.
  • When the attack finishes, they pass the ball to the next attacking unit, and the exercise starts again with the new attacking and defending unit.
  • The last two attacking and defending units, switch sides returning to starting positions, ready to go again.

Coaching points

  • Encourage the attack to move at pace.
  • Communication needs to be at the heart of attack.
  • Passes need to be weighted correctly.
  • Quick hands to move the ball to space over short distances.
  • Ball carriers fix defenders.

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