Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Groups 6+ 
  • Cones.
  • Balls

1. Warm up - Non Contact.

Players start on the corner of a square grid. They then in turn run to meet in the middle of the square. The Attacker side steps, while defender tries to get a shoulders on contact on the attacker. 

2. Contact introduced - Attakcing Player Focus. 

Attacking player after being tackled must land on top of the ball. Then must release the ball, then fire up as quickly as possible to re-gather the ball and keep running. 

3. Focus on the defender. 

After making a good tackle, with focus on body height, squeeze and foot in close, the defender must return to feet as quiclkly as possible to compete for the ball again. 


Coaching points

1. Warm up

Foot position close to attacker

Light on feet - small steps

Attack the space. 


2. Attacker focus. 

Fall on top of ball - keeps it protected. 

MUST release ball once has been tackled. 

Fire up in a fast snap motion back to feet to re-gather ball. 


3. Defender Focus 

Attack space. 

Body height of hit. 

Foot in close.

Back to feet and competing for ball as quickly as possible. 

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