Heads Up Passing

category: Passing

Tell the players the following: Lets just get the ball moving down the line. Give the player at the start of one of the lines a ball, tell the line ...

React, Run And Defend

category: Decision-making

Defenders and attackers line up outside the coned area in lines of five. The coach will call out two numbers, the first refers to how many attackers s...

Lateral Pass

category: Passing

Look at the ball carrier Get hands up to make a target Call and catch the ball with both hands and bring it in front of the body Look ahead for gaps o...


category: Agility-Running-Skills


Web Videos

Irish rugby tv: 'heads up'

Some of the Ireland players have been having great fun during the Argentina tour with the 'Heads Up' game app. The losing side pays for the coffee!



Heads up Rugby - Think fast

Attack the space! Develop your players' speed, reaction and decision making to improve their ability to get through holes in defences.