Diamond Geezer

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Diamond Geezer Warm Up In fours players are moving up a channel. The support runner (blue player in the animation) calls themselves into the li...

Diamond Shape Supporting Lines

category: Off-Loads

Rugby Diamond shape supporting lines Off Loads This is an exercise for continuity and support for attacking play Lay out a rectangular playing area, ...

Ruck, Setup

category: Ruck

Rugby Ruck, Setup Ruck Contact Go to ground Present ball clear out, present, ruck, running, support, technique.

4V1V1 Down The Line

category: Decision-making

Rugby 4v1v1 Down the Line Decision making Attackers (red players) work down the channel in 4s, ... Attackers run in a diamond shape, onto the ball at...

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Aim is to get players running off the ballchannel 5m wide 15m longat one end have a single defenderat the other position 4 cones in the shape of a dia...

Diamond Decision Making in the Loose

Open play pattern:Provides multiple options for first receiver. All positions can be interchaneable.Idea is to create spaceImportant to keep our ...

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9 Stands at the back of the scrum10 Stands 'in the boot'11 & 14 stand level with 10 on each touchline (kick option)12 13 & 15 form a diamond b...