Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • This is a fun warm up game for the whole team to be involved in
  • Players are separated into two teams, one team wearing bibs
  • Every player is holding a rugby ball, which they keep to themselves
  • There is one 'live' ball that is used for the game.
  • This is a possession game, where each team tries to keep the ball for as long as possible, passing and catching one-handed (because their other hand is holding a ball already)
  • Once a team reaches 10 passes in a row, possession switches over. A small forfeit such as press ups could be introduced for conceding 10 consecutive passes.

Coaching points

  • Players will have to adapt their passing techniques since they are passing one-handed.
  • These passes emulate off-loading in a match
  • One-handed catching in gameplay is generally not encouraged, but in this game there is no option - therefore improving the players' skills when it becomes necessary to catch one handed in a match.

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