Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Players line up single fine in two lines.

  • Two coaches stand at the front and just off the side of both lines. One coach begins with the ball.

  • The coach pops the ball to an oncoming player, who takes the ball in their stride and passes across to the coach on the other side.

  • The passing player then runs through the cones at the end of the line and curves back round to join the opposite group.

  • The coach receiving the pass then pops the ball off to the incoming player on the other side, who receives the ball and passes across to the first coach.

  • The passing player runs through the gates and rejoins the opposite group.

  • The game continues and flows until all players have completed a pass on both sides.

Coaching points

  • The players should receive the pass from the coach on the move, not stationary.

  • Keep the passes as flat as possible.

  • Focus on accuracy and height, before moving onto speed of pass.

  • Ensure that the players' momentum takes them through the cones.

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Drill tags: catching, passing, receiving

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