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Tag Rugby Drills

Use the tag rugby drills and games (also referred to as touch rugby) to boost your junior players' passing, off-loading, and decision making ability. ...


Attacking Footwork And Tackling 3

category: School

Drill can be full contact. Make sure the defender gets back to his feet quickly after the tackle to practice stealing the bal. Attacker presents th...

Attacking Footwork And Tackling 2

category: School

Defender should try and keep shoulders square, close down space and focus on the attackers hips.  Attacker tries to stop and sprint to eith...

Attacking Footwork And Tackling

category: School

Grid size is around 5x5m. You can keep changing the size of the grid.  The defender must shadow the attacker as they run towards a cone (lef...

Footwork And Handoff

category: School

Vital skills to beat a defender and get the football.  Ball is needed. Players must do it at full speed. Key players low and the ball in tw...

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