Rugby League Drill Demonstration


Set Up

3 sets of 2 defenders each with 2 tackle bags placed 10m apart down 15m x 30m channel - 3 attackers

Attacker with ball in centre with 2 support players set 5m back to left and right. Attack runs at bag using footwork on approach to off set defenders fixes on one defender and smashes through hole

attack carries ball in 2 hands

off loads left or right

receiver repeats on next pair of bags

Coaching points

Ball carrier should fix defender with eye contact and use footwork to open space between defenders

attack the defender not the space

Use footwork to get in close before impact

sink by bending knees slightly and rise after impact. Move into space between defenders with held tightly through collision phase with 2 hands

fingers spread

off load immediately with controlled

soft pass flat to support player who cuts a line inward and accelerates onto pass. Repeat down channel ensuring support players realign themselves with depth.

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