category: Warm-ups

All players have a bib tucked into the back of their waistband (must be visible). On the whistle, players attempt to catch as many bibs as possible - ...

Fast Hands Cross-Over

category: Warm-ups

Two lines stand about 5 meters apart with another two lines stood perpendicular so that players are stood in an 'x' formation. As one player runs out ...

Bonus Fitness Session! Work on your players' stamina in this intense passing and movement session!

Web Videos

Day 2: morning - football session

See Warm Up Video: Main Session: - Game – Handball with header finish into small goals. Netball style rules, No running with ball. (Area:40x 30) - Gam...

Back to netball - renew you in 2015

Running across England since 2010, over 60000 women have taken part in Back to Netball and realised the benefits of getting involved. From losing weig...