Netball Drill Demonstration


  • Get into pairs 
  • One player will be the worker, resisting the pushing, and the other player will be pusher 
  • The worker will stand directly in front of their partner on one leg 
  • The other player will then gently push the worker in different places making them have to work to maintain balance
  • The worker must resist the pushing and maintain their controlled, balanced position
  • Ensure you switch the worker and pusher 

Coaching points

  • Do not push the worker too hard. If they are finding it too easy you may push a little more, however if they are struggling to maintain balance and have to put their other foot down, push slightly less 
  • The worker should slightly bend their standing leg and maintain a tight core to help keep their balance
  • This exercise focuses on ankle and knee stability to test their strength to resist force

Drill tags: balance, injury prevention, one leg, partner push, strength

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