extra netball training at home?

extra netball training at home?

I would like to give my girls some extra training to do at home to help build up their core strength, arm strength, speed and balance on the court. Any suggestions as to what i can give them. They are 13 and are all keen for it. I just need something that they can do that lasts no longer than 30min and that they can do about 3 times a week. That way if training is cancelled due to rain they can still do a netball based workout at home.

nikiCoach, Australia
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

i kinda depends on what equipment they have at home, and do they have anyone to help them.  are you looking for just stregth, and fitness? or you wanting to have them practice ball skills too?  obviously going for a run would be good.  my daughter was told by her rep coach that sprinting for as long as you can and then stop, and trying to improve that distance each time is a great way to improve your fitness.  obviously pushups, burpees, situps are all good.  balance skills for strengthen their ankles, throwing a ball with wrist weights might help, lots of fast feet, and quick movement exercises, jumping against a wall trying to improve height each time, steps, lunges, tricep pushups.  that should have your fitness list covered.  if you want them to practise netball skills.  have them throw a ball as hard as they can against a wire fence.  that way they wont have to chase to retreive it.  get them to concentrate on accuracy by putting some markers on the fence for them to aim at.  they can keep a score at how many they hit.  throwing a ball against a hard wall and having to move their feet to catch it, bouncing a ball with one hand high against a way, are good individual things to do, and if they had a parent or sister to work with, well lots of passsing of all kinds, shadow drills for defence, breaking, stepping rule.  there is heaps.  

hope that helps and you come up with a really good at home program for them.

nikiCoach, Australia

Thanks for that, i made up a little fitness program for them using the things you said. I printed them out and gave it to them at training last night. I sat down with them and went through all of it explaining what each activity was for and how it will help them on the court. Then i actually used it as there warm up so they could see how long it went for and so i could see if they were doing it properly and just how hard they had to push themselves. Hopefully i will see a great improvement in there fitness on the court.

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