5 Passes To Score!

category: Small-games

The aim for players is to pass the ball amongst your team. Teams score by successfully completing 5 consecutive passes without dropping / having the b...

Street Tag

category: Warm-ups

Split your players into 2 teams 4v4 with one ball to start and mark out a square grid (20x20) by using cones.The white players (catchers) pass the bal...


category: Movement

Player 1 passes to their partner then moves to the next cone to receive the ball back. This repeats until players reach the end of the area.


category: Footwork

4 players or more. 1 ball.Blue 1 drives forward to receive the ball from White 1.Blue 1 lands, turns and feeds to Blue 2, before returning to the back...

Cones - Run/Balance/Shoot

category: Movement

Feeder starts on the edge of the circle. Worker 1 runs around a cone, drives into the circle to receive the ball before making the shot. Rebound, fe...

High Pass

category: Movement

Split into pairs with 1 ball per pair.Worker (white 1) moves forward to receive a short pass and returns the ball. Worker then moves back to receive...

Web Videos

Netball skills: shooting techniques

In this video, we will show you how to back step, side step and step into a shot in Netball. Want to shoot like England Goal Shooter Joanne Harten? Pa...