Netball Drill Demonstration


  • Get into pairs with one ball
  • Stand approximately 2 meters apart 
  • One player will be the worker and the other the feeder 
  • The feeder will pass the ball in at different positions to the worker 
  • The worker will use their reverse hand to control the ball and pass it back to the feeder 

Coaching points

  • As this action is mostly used when the defender is coming around their player for an interception, whilst avoiding contact, the worker should have a slight bend in their legs and be on the balls of their feet so they would be ready to move off 
  • The feeder can decide how easy or difficult the practice is 
    1) Easier - feed the worker a softer ball and closer to their body 
    2) Harder - feed the worker a harder ball and further away to make the worker stretch further for the ball
  • Make sure the worker controls the ball and they do not just hit/slap the ball back to the feeder 
  • If you do not have a partner, you can practice yourself against the wall 

Drill tags: intercept, outside hand, reverse hand

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