2 Vs 1 In The Circle

category: Zone-defence

Netball 2 vs 1 in the Circle Zone defence The 2 defenders inside the circle must ensure one of them is always marking the attacker inside the circle....

Working On A 2 Vs 1 Within The Circle

category: Getting-free

Netball Working on a 2 vs 1 within the circle Getting free The feeders are positioned adjacent to one another, at the top and side of the circle - wi...

1 Vs 1 Defending In The Circle

category: Defence

Netball 1 vs 1 Defending in the Circle Defence Slowly the two attackers pass the ball back and forth down the court ... 1 v 2 Guarding Ball Side Dril...

2 Vs 2

category: Small-games

Netball 2 vs 2 Small games The 2 defenders are only allowed in the Circle. Attackers can move in and out of the circle as they wish but can only have...

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