Drill Categories

2 v 1 Drills

These are game scenarios under drill conditions and are most useful when practice in a certain discipline is required, either in batting or fielding. ...

3D skills Drills

As your hockey players develop stick control then you should be looking to teach them 3D hockey control skills. These are advanced ways of keeping con...


1 Hand Reverse Stick Hit

category: Video-Techniques

Players can use this technique when passing or shooting at goal.

Hold the stick with your palms facing upwards and turn the stick so that th...

Continual Receiving The Ball From Behind

category: Passing-Receiving

In pairs passing the ball to each other the receiver starts running away for the player with the ball to follow and pass the ball in stride to the ...

Drag Back Control

category: Session-Videos

Coach's objective:

Drag from left to right thus creating time in which to pass to the right

Purpose :

Drag Back Control

category: Video-Techniques

Coach's objective:

Drag from left to right thus creating time in which to pass to the right

Purpose :

Goal Scoring Test

category: Skill-Circuit

In this test the player starts by rolling the ball into the 'D' to the forehand side and hits the ball at goal.
The next ball is pushed to the...

Hook Dribble

category: Indoor-Hockey

Player 1 runs with the ball through the little slalom and passes the ball to player 2 on the left hand board. Player 2 turns with the ball in field an...

Web Videos



2v1 - Attacking Right to Left

Make the most of the overload - keep the opposition's defender guessing - will your players go it alone or use their option on the left?

Community Drills

Front Stick Reverse Out

Players will attacks the left orange cone and peforms the Reverse Stick Reverse Out.The Player finishes by going through both orange cones.

Dummy right.jpg

Running with the ball in a nuetral position, the player pulls the ball with the reverse stick to the right side with an exeggarated rightward movement...

Leading Runs

Player A passes to player B and then makes a leading run at 45 degrees to receive the ball on the reverse stick. Player A then gives a lateral pass th...