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Objective: To introduce a more advance style of hitting, often called the tomahawk, to get the player to hit the ball accurately and firmly, developing a sound technique. 

Purpose: Being able to accurately hit a back hand shot or pass creates numerous different opportunities to get a shot away or to deliver a pass.

Structure: Pairs 


Coaching points

  • Look to hit the mid-line of the ball.
  • Start initially with the grip, the 'V's' should be pointing down the face of the stick.
  • Slide the stick along the ground and back to strike the ball.
  • When comfortable with hitting the midline of the ball, move the stick away taking it away from the ground to swing back through the mid-line of the ball.
  • Work out the comfortable distance away from the ball so not be too close or too far away from the body. Progress to taking a step into the ball and swinging through the mid-line.
  • Test the players balance by making them continue to walk through after the strike. (This will correct common mistakes of being off balance and hitting the up or with the back of the stick.)
  • What will determine the success of the strike will be the speed the ball is travelling away from the player and the direction of it. (The player needs to have the ball under a controlled pace to keep it the right distance from them and so not to be off balanced and stretching for the ball at impact.)


- Rotate the stick to reverse side.

- Strike centre of the ball 

-Both feet hsould be faced 90 degree angle from the target. 

-Keep weight over the ball.

- Speed of the ball determines the success.

- Keep balanced 

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