Practice Makes Perfect: 1 on 1 Skills Session

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We think the old tricks are the best which is why in this session we review two of the simplest ways your players can get the better of the opposition's defender.

To help your players dash past their defender to charge down on goal in this session we practice the running with the ball under pressure, the reverse stick drag and the the pull back.

What's in the Session?

To get things off to a fun start we open with a fun group race. In this warm up players will be getting ready for the rest of the session by working on their close ball control and ability to dribble under pressure! Now that everyone's awake it's time to review the reverse stick drag and the pull back when running at speed.

Once everyone has had the chance to perfect their control it's time to put it back into a final 1v2 conditioned game which brings together everything we've covered in this session.

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