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Attacking the D - Building Skills into a Match Situation Session Thumbnail
Attacking the D - Building Skills into a Match Situation

The pass into the circle is determined by the lead of the attackers and the movement of the defender. Work on decision-making in the final third to improve success rate around the circle.

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  • Objective: Direct the received pass in the direction of the baseline to open up the optimal shooting angle.
  • Purpose: Increase the chances of hitting the target and therefore scoring a goal.
  • Set-up
    • A midfield passer will start with the ball and wait for an attacker to make a run on the edge of the D. 
    • Attacker will initially run towards the passer to show for the ball, then peel off, aiming their run towards the baseline.
    • At this point, the passer will play the ball into the attackers path.
    • The attacker should take a receiving touch, followed by a shot at goal off their left foot.

Coaching points

  • Passer should feed the ball in line with attackers run on the right hand side of their body.
  • The trap should be taken with soft hands, cushioning the ball towards the direction of the baseline.
  • Use the pace of the ball so you do not need to break stride.
  • Hitting the ball off the left foot, works in the principle of a right angle, emphasising the importance of a good touch.
  • Weight transfer from right to left in the shooting phase is key to generating ball speed.
  • Ensure the left foot is flat on the ground when striking the ball.


  • Add in a defender to follow the attacking runner. Increases pressure on the quality of the touch.
  • Challenge the players to hit the shot of the right foot.

Drill tags: receive pass, good touch, shot, goalscoring, shooting

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