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Self Pass Drills

In 2009 Hockey introduced a "self-pass" rule from a free hit (an unobstructed hit by a player who has been fouled by an opponent). It enables the pla...


3 Vs 2 Self Pass

category: Self-Pass

The blue player 1 takes ball to white player 1. Coach blows their whistle, simulating a foul by blue 1.

The first white player then plays a ...

4 Goal Game

category: Conditioned-Games

Game with 4 goals - where each team has two goals in which they can score.

Make sure that the distance between the 2 goals encourages the pla...

5 Seconds Grace

category: Self-Pass

All players have a ball each except for the 2 defenders.

The defending players without a ball can try to take a ball but only from a player ...

Defending Changing Situations

category: Self-Pass

4 v 4

players are in pairs two team of 2 colours.

the coach calls out before the team in possession starts the game which colour play...

Web Videos

How to hockey - self pass episode 4

For the Power, Precision and Beauty of World Hockey subscribe here - ... Your Guide to the basics of field hockey - The Self Pass Episode 4 ...

Field hockey drills compilation

Hi guys! The Self-Pass hockey skillers are back! This time we bring you a video compilation of 4 Field Hockey DRILLS performed by 2 of our skillers. H...

Self pass aerial receivings

Here's a selection with some of our favorite aerial receivings! What do you think?! Field hockey is our passion and we will keep bringing the coolest ...



Community Drills

KDB self pass and coming to the ball

Self pass on teh 23m, 2v1, attacker losing a marker.self pass on the 23mCF comes to the top of D, then moves off left or right (at pace) in order to l...

sideline self pass diagram

Blue D - DefendersRed A - Attackers Red F - Attacking FeederRed arrow - Self pass from the sidelineBlack arrow- Pass to another attacking player

Passeer en rond af | let op!

A speelt naar BB: oplopen en passeerbeweging (zie thema). Na passeerbeweging steek trainer een gele of rode pion op. B rond af op doeltje van de gelij...