Relay Dribbling

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Hockey Relay Dribbling Practices For Juniors Set out 3 or 4 identical lines of cones between the half way line and the 23 meter line.

Dribble Pass Relay

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Hockey Dribble pass relay Moving with the ball Player 1 starts by running with the ball to the right hand cone, keeping the ball in contact with the ...

Quick Shot Relay

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Hockey Quick Shot Relay Shooting & Goalscoring The practice starts with the first red player dribbling their ball to the goal line before passing the...

Passing Relays

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Hockey Passing relays Moving with the ball The inside team (white) pass the ball around the outside of the small square. At the same time the blue te...

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Community Drills

coordination challenge Y5-8

* Chocolate egg every time a couple done the relay (cone+ ball)* couple hold 2 sticks with cone with open mouth open squeezed between. Nr 3 throws bal...

Dribbling Relay Y5-8

- divide in 2 groups. - all sorts relay. Challenges goes in minutes. - 1 HANDED RELAY = 6 EGGS- DRIBBLE AROUND CONES Forehand Forehand = 12 ...

2nd drill

follow the diagram as a relay with a few players at both ends then after this, progress it so when the coach says go a player from the oppisite team n...

Relay Races

Get the team to line up on the base line directly oppostie a cone. They will ahve to dribble the ball up to the cone and come back, tagging the next p...