Keeping possession in the 1 v 1 (turning away)

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This session works on the dribble dash; running at speed with the ball under control towards defenders, with the choice of either taking their man on or turning away and passing the ball to a supporting player.

Sprinting away!

Keeping possession is one of the best ways to stifle and tire out your opposition. If they don't have the ball how can they score? That's the key lesson of this all-ages decision making session which works on close control whilst also getting players to weigh up their options and not simply run recklessly forward.

What's in the Session?

To wake your players up we start things off with a figure of eight dribbling relay which leads into a forehand and reverse stick dribbling drill. After this fast paced race we then focus on turning back with the ball under control before finishing with an exciting 1v1 attack and shoot relay..

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Keeping possession in the 1 v 1 (turning away)
john goldberg
Belgium john goldberg
really good to work the 1V1
Keeping possession in the 1 v 1 (turning away)
deborah mills
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deborah has 0 followers
too basic for adults
Keeping possession in the 1 v 1 (turning away)
Peter Sweeney
Australia Peter Sweeney
seniors, excellent

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